The reindeer people under threat this Christmas – Survival International

In pictures: The reindeer people under threat this Christmas - Survival International

Survival International has published a seasonal picture gallery to emphasize the reindeer’s key role in the lives of the world’s northern tribes.

Survival’s Director Stephen Corry said today, ‘For many people around the world, reindeer are synonymous with the festive season. Few of us know, perhaps, that for various northern tribes the animal is integral to their survival and their human story. It is a great tragedy that the burgeoning Arctic extractive industry is exacting such a heavy toll on reindeers and their herders alike.’

via In pictures: The reindeer people under threat this Christmas – Survival International.

And from Greenpeace International:

Please help us to defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples of Russia!
One day before the opening of the Arctic Council meeting in Sweden, Russian authorities moved to suspend the activities of RAIPON (Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North), the country’s main organisation representing the Indigenous Peoples. Basing their decision on an interpretation of inconsistencies in the organisation’s bylaws, this seems to be a thinly veiled attempt by the Russian government to silence the voices of Indigenous Peoples who are speaking out against the dangers of drilling for oil in the Russian Arctic.

But we have an opportunity here: YOU have the power to stop this censorship.

Let’s flood Russian President Putin’s inbox with millions of letters, expressing our deep concern about the suspension of RAIPON. We must remind the President of the vital importance of Indigenous Peoples’ voices in the legitimate political process around the Arctic, both in Russia and on the international stage. Make any changes you want to the letter, sign it, and send! And then forward on to everyone you know. Together we can defend the Arctic and the rights of its people!

Please sign the petition here.

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