Siiddastallan 2016

Aug 12-15

Poulsbo, WA

“There will be ample food for every one, great variety of events, and the usual suspects: booths, gakti, and yoik. We will be in the presence of Sàmi forebears, with us on Earth and in the beyond, as Kitsap County was once the site of gold miners miners and herders turned Sámi North Americans of many walks of life. Co-sponsors are North American Sàmi Searvi (NASS) and Pacific Sàmi Searvi (PSS). Siiddastallan 2016 will honor a 2014 NASS Council commitment to have a major presentation, a “Founders and Elders Forum.” That Forum will serve as a platform in this case to honor and review the role of Faith Fjeld and other early founders and elders in the Sàmi Awakening in North America. Again, as NASS Council moved and announced earlier in 2015, the Founders and Elders Forum will be a plenary session. Other events and guests will include visitors from Sàpmi homelands as well as recent film works; those guests and events may include film directors’ visits.  More to come for food, fellowship, and fun! Giitu!” — From NASS Facebook page


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